Goal-Oriented Programming Backed By TrainSmart Performance

At Lattimore Fitness & TrainSmart Performance, our mission is to guide every client towards progress and success in their performance endeavors. Whether you are someone looking to improve strength & stability, maximize your independence/reduce risk of falling, or an athlete looking to take your training and performance to the next level, we can help!


What is Lattimore Fitness & TrainSmart Performance?

Lattimore Fitness & TrainSmart Performance is a training facility built for those seeking to commit to improvement in their long term health, wellness, and physical performance.


Experience the Lattimore Fitness Difference

Lattimore Fitness caters to every individual, regardless of fitness level. Our certified, accredited coaches build customized training programs built on your success, and your success only. Partnered with Lattimore Physical Therapy, learn what separates our training process and performance results from the rest. Our goal is to help promote the circle of care from doctors to physical therapists to strength conditioning specialists.