Training Memberships

We offer multiple levels of Training Memberships. Interested in becoming a member of our training community? Schedule an appointment for an initial comprehensive movement assessment!

Individualized Training

Training and programming for each client is individualized based off of a comprehensive initial assessment and consultation. This allows us to better understand how each person moves, medical/injury history, as well as specific movement, health, and performance goals.

From this assessment, we are then able to create a personalized program that will significantly help each client reach their goals! Each client is coached through their entire program in detail. We work hard to provide you with proper guidance and knowledge each and every training session

Semi-Private Training Culture

Our semi-private training culture allows us to build a unique & incredible fitness community! Keeping our trainer to client ratio no greater than 4:1 means that each individual is given personal attention during training while benefitting from the positive training environment that is present by having other growth oriented individuals working around you!