Our Mission

At Lattimore Fitness and TrainSmart Performance, our mission is to guide every client towards progress and success in their fitness and performance endeavors. Our tried and true, scientifically supported training philosophies allows us to individualize our training to cater to the needs of the individual.

This means that YOU are the driving force behind everything that we do! Whether you are someone looking to improve strength and stability or an individual seeking to maximize performance, our team of nationally certified fitness professionals will work hard to help you reach your goals and educate you along the way!

What Is TrainSmart Performance?

A research-backed and results-driven training philosophy that incorporates all key aspects of fitness: Mobility & Stability, Power, Strength, and Endurance.

The typical training session includes the following:

General warm-up, movement prep, power development, strength training, work capacity, and a cool down.


  • General Warm Up – Emphasis is on increasing heart rate and blood flow while releasing tension in sympathetic muscles. This prepares the body for movement.
  • Movement Prep – Takes the general Warm up a step further through emphasis on working through movement patterns that will be incorporated during the Power and Strength phases of the session. This prepares the body for optimal movement mechanics.
  • Power Development – Emphasis is on explosive movement patterns (absorbing and reproducing force quickly). This is where focus is placed closer towards the “speed” end of the speed strength continuum.
  • Strength Training – Emphasis is placed on the ability to produce maximum force. This phase is where focus is placed closer towards the “strength” end of the speed strength continuum

  • Work Capacity – This phase focuses on the development of our body’s energy systems, enhancing the body’s ability to work harder, longer by improving a-lactic and lactic threshold

  • Cool Down – Time is spent getting the body parasympathetic. In other words this phase helps to ease tension built up in the body through breathing and flexibility/alignment exercises

    This entire method allows for us to individualize every aspect of our members training within our semi-private training culture!